Wedding Reception Planning

Wedding Reception PlanningA fast and easy answer is “The more the merrier.” as they say, but wait! Cost is going to play a role here right? At least that’s what most brides deal with right? Big crowds can mean big dollars with food costs, hall rental costs, etc . It can add up to a big number in a hurry! Speaking strictly from the Disc Jockey’s point of view, we can share these few thoughts and tips: When it comes to making sure everyone has a great time, it is easy to get big crowds up off their chairs and on the dance floor! As we like to say “Any Disc Jockey can get 300 people dancing.” Smaller crowds are more of a challenge. It can take more to get them out there and having fun. Why is that? Well, most people are basically shy about dancing when everyone is watching right? When there are hundreds of people on the dance floor it is easy for even the shyest among us to blend in. However if there are just a few dancers out there getting all crazy and stuff, then all the attention is focused on those few and that can make some people feel uncomfortable. Make sense?

Also as all DJ’s know, if you have a small crowd and especially if a lot of them traveled an hour or more to be there, the guests may start to leave early. You can hear things like “We have a long drive home, everything was lovely, but it will be late by the time we get home…” This is not a problem if you have 300 people at your reception, but if you have say 50, and 10 or 20 leave early, you can quickly reach the point where it isn’t much of a party.

These are just a few observations on how the number of guests you have at your reception can affect how the evening turns out, all from the Disc Jockey’s point of view. We hope this helps!