Starting The Music

When should a Disc Jockey start playing music at a wedding reception?

Simply put, the ideal situation is for the Disc Jockey to start playing light background music as the first guests arrive at the event. Here at Disc Jockeys Now, we feel there are many reasons why this is the best approach vs. having the DJ start after cocktails or dinner.

First and foremost, it is a safety issue, especially if there are young kids at the event. Carrying in 80 or 100 pound speaker, the disc jockey cannot see right in front of himself, and, if a 2 year old runs in front of him, something tragic could happen. For this reason, some disc jockeys will not accept events that require them to carry their equipment in when guests are already in the hall.

Secondly, if the DJ is already set up and playing light background music as the first guests arrive, that means his microphone is available for a blessing, the bridal toast or any other announcement.

Here at Disc Jockeys Now, the third reason we think it is a good idea for the disc jockey to start the music at the start of the event is so that he prevents too much silence, which causes many guests to leave, especially those who have a longer drive home. These guests sometimes use the silence as a time to come up to the bride and groom and say “The ceremony was beautiful, but we have a long drive home thank you….”. If you have 300 guests, losing 30 people early is not a problem. But, if you only have 75 guests and 30 leave before the “real party” starts, it can cause the size of the party to shrink to the point that there may not be a large enough group to really have much of a party.

Another benefit is to avoid the problem of the DJ showing up “late” which creates a bad first impression with the very people he will be trying to motivate to dance later at the event.

The fifth and final reason to have the music start as the first guests arrive is that it allows the DJ to build the mood for dancing later! At Disc Jockeys Now we offer additional hours of music, for dancing or dinner, for only 50 dollars each so improving your event by having the music start as the first guest arrive is not expensive at all, and worth the extra cost to insure a better event.
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Disc Jockeys Now