We decided to add a DJ to our event at the last possible minute, only a few weeks in advance but Disc Jockeys Now handled it beautifully.

-Dana and Geoff: September 7, 2013

The DJ lead everyone through the evening’s events like a pro even though we were 45 minutes late getting to the reception because of an accident. We enjoyed it.

-Rich and Julie: September 6, 2013

The Disc Jockeys Now DJ was able to keep everyone entertained all night. We all danced til we couldn’t dance anymore.

-Heather and Craig September 1, 2013

He wasn’t perfect but on balance, we would hire him again. Maybe we are a little demanding but we still had fun.

-Blake and Helen: September 1, 2013

The DJ was very experienced and the songs we chose were duds. No one was dancing. He asked us to allow him to have free reign so we said ok and boy what a difference. He had the dance floor packed the rest of the night. We should have trusted him more.

-Dale and Kathy September 1, 2013

We loved our Disc Jockey from Disc Jockeys Now. We really were concerned that no DJ would understand our musical tastes but he just seemed to fit it all right in. As the evening progressed we danced more and more until the bar closed down and everyone left to go to a local bar to keep drinking but we expected that lol. He was a great guy to work with. I think his name was Walt or Wes or something like that.

-Jennifer and Aaron: September 1, 2013

Very good service, very friendly. We were satisfied with Disc Jockeys Now.

-Oscar and Ginny: September 1, 2013

We had a terrific time and would definitely tell our friends and family to use Disc Jockeys Now for any events they have coming up. Following a budget was important to us as we both had our hours cut back at work so we had to scale back quite a bit on the “extras” at our reception. Disc Jockeys Now fit our budget to a t, actually they were about 50 dollars less than we were prepared to spend. I am going to tell all my friends on Facebook and Twitter. We all danced and boogied til we were worn out and toooo hot to keep dancing. We were going to go with a DJ we found on and we liked talking to the man we found there, but we decided to go this route instead. It was terrific.

-Ben and Kalya: August 31, 2013

Disc Jockeys Now was da best. Never had so much fun as the five of us my best friends from school and I at my reception. -Belinda and Dustin: August 31, 2103

Loved our Disc Jockey. Very attentive to our needs and played a fabulous selection of danceable music. -William and Diane: August 31, 2013

Disc Jockeys Now is a good value for the money. Not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive. They were a good fit for us and our style.

-Carrie and Bob: August 31, 2013

Would not change a thing. Very very happy with their services. Disc Jockeys Now is the best.

-Tami and Charles August 30, 2013

Our bridal party danced from the start to the end of the night. The setting was beautiful. The disc jockey was very accommodating to our interests and desires as the event unwound. Our dinner was very nice with lighter background music playing while we met with friends and family. Disc Jockeys Now handled the entire evening just as we instructed. Our friends and family were very complimentary as we left to begin our honeymoon evening. Disc Jockeys Now was a very good bargain for the money we paid them. I wanted to place this review on this site for Disc Jockeys Now reviews. Would we use them again or recommend this service to our friends? Absolutely yes, we most certainly would. Planning the wedding was a great deal of work but they helped make it much easier for the both of us.

-Patricia and Kevin: August 25, 2013

When we first reserved our DJ we were very excited about being able to pick some of the songs to be played. We really liked that but he also mixed in guests’ offerings and ideas which made it very nice.

-Fran and Dave: August 24, 2013

Here is my Disc Jockeys Now review: 10 out of 10. I would give him an 11 but you aren’t allowed to do that. Lololol we loved it seriously. -Kim and Larry: August 24, 2013

All of our family and friends loved Disc Jockeys Now. We enjoyed the reception and all danced and had a great time. The music was good and they were easy to work with.

-Linda and Sam: August 24, 2013

Excellent sound quality. Music sets were well done. -Kris and Carl: August 17, 2013

Loved the music and the presentation. The songs were what we requested for the most part with a few requests thrown in. It all worked.

-Alice and Wes: August 16, 2013

More fun than I have ever had thanks to Tim, our DJ, from Disc Jockeys Now.

-Missy and Brent: August 3, 2013

We will use you guys again when our younger daughter gets married coming up here next April.

-Henry and Louise: August 2, 2013

Had a blast ALL night long. -Jeff and Diane: August 3, 2013

Just about danced ourselves to death. The music setup was awesome.

-Lynne and Juan: August 3, 2013

He made the whole crowd get into things all night. He was very entertaining for us all.

-Larry and Pattie: July 13, 2013

Very satisfied with his overall job at our reception. He played a nice mix of songs for all the various ages there.

-Alan and Di: July 13, 2013

Great job. I will tell my friends what a great job he did for my parents’ party.

-Tom for Lisa and Dan: July 12, 2013

We danced the night away and it ended way too soon for us. Thank you to the DJ.

-Deb and Earl: July 6, 2013

We got a good price and a good DJ to boot. We are happy with the choice we made.

-Jim and Jessi: July 6, 2013

We loved Tom, our dj from disc jockeys now. He really kept it going all night. We had a very patriotic wedding.

-Justin and Jasmine: July 4, 2013

Mike and I planned on using a band but we decided at the last minute on a DJ. It was a very good choice. Disc jockeys now did a great job of making everyone happy. We called them on July 3, 2013 just to say thanks.

-Sean and Crystal: June 29, 2013

Mary booked our DJ and I provided all the wild friends that danced all night with us, the dj was awesome. It sounded great, even the people on the patio could hear it because he pointed a speaker outside and that really made it nice for everyone. When the night was over and we were cleaning up to get our deposit back on the hall. I went over and thanked him many times. We will call you guys again when we need a dj for sure. Just try not to raise your prices so we can use you for my friend’s wedding coming up.

-Anna and Patrick: June 28, 2013 rocks it. We had the BEST time ever.

-Cody and Rachel: June 28, 2013

We save a lot of money and they were all nice to deal with.

-Amber and Brian: June 22, 2013

We will definitely call you again when my sister gets married. Thanks to everyone had a great great awesome time.

-Jacob and Mary: June 22, 2013

We were late getting to our own reception Wow, but Disc Jockeys Now handled it with ease. We felt very good about our experience.

-Tyler and Emily: June 21,2013

Thank you, Disc Jockeys Now, for providing us with such a great guy to do our wedding. He seemed to read our minds all night and just knew always what was best to play next. Lots of people commented on how much they liked him and he was really funny on the mic when he needed to be. It was just right.

-Kyle and Heather: June 15, 2013

We loved our DJ and so did our whole family. It was great!

-Christina and Travis: June 15, 2013

I searched for a good DJ for months and found you. So glad I did, the party was terrific.

-Kimberly and Hannah: June 15, 2013

The night’s events flowed smoothly and the dj was the biggest reason. He really showed us how to do a party right!

-Amanda and David: June 15, 2013

I am still tired from all that dancing we did. I could sleep for a week just to catch up. Thanks Disc Jockeys Now!

-Ryan and Michelle: June 14, 2013

We would not change a thing. Thanks again!

-Aaron and Sara: June 14, 2013

Ten out of ten. Still laughing about all the fun things we did that night.

-Jacob and Erica: June 8, 2013

Overall he was excellent. Only issue was he apparently got caught in traffic and although it all worked out, he was let for his setting up time, but he did actually start when he was supposed to.

-Tom and Kayla: June 8, 2013

We always knew he would do a great job and we were right. Great musical mix.

-Bob and Kathy: June 8, 2013

He played a great selection of music for all ages of guests so it worked well for all.

-Rick and Kelly: June 8, 2013

We could have spent twice as much but we chose and he was really just what we were looking for.

-Heather and Nick: June 8, 2013

He had a little problem with his equipment but fixed it in less than a minute. I think the wiring in the hall was really old and caused that but he handled it like a pro and never missed a beat. The songs were first rate.

-Lauren and Larry: June 7, 2013

The sound quality was excellent and he had a great personality. We would use him again.

-Danni and James: June 7, 2013

I just have to say that your Dj really made our party come alive. He was enjoyable to listen to, he had a very nice voice and really moved the crowd along all evening.

-Megan and daughter, Jennifer: June 7, 2013