How Long To Keep The Party Going?

How many hours should your reception last? The answer is simple: It all depends. First of all it is a matter of size. If you are having 300 guests, by the time they all arrive and get fed, 3 hours can pass very quickly, therefore you’ll need at least 2 to 4 more hours to really have plenty of time left for a party to really happen. And that party time is the really fun part of the evening isn’t it? Disc Jockeys Now Reviews knows that people want to tell you about their experience at your Wedding Reception. Conversely, if you are only having 30 guests, a 6 hour reception may be way too long. To show you a break down, here are the stats of what we are asked to do for our clients when it comes to the number of hours they want us to play as a percentage of time we play these lengths:

  • 2 Hours 1%
  • 3 Hours 4%
  • 4 Hours 25%
  • 5 Hours 35%
  • 6 Hours 25%
  • 7 Hours 5%
  • 8 or more Hours 5%

Disc Jockeys Now Reviews

As you can see, the vast majority of events last 4 to 6 hours, with fully 60% (way more than half, or 6 out of 10) lasting at least 5 or 6 hours. Why is this? Well there are a number of reasons including the fact that a fair amount of time gets eaten up (pardon the pun) by eating dinner as well as the guests simply all getting there, some fashionably late, getting their first drink, settling down, mingling etc. The formal dances, toasts, cake cutting, dollar dance if you choose to have one, etc can also take up to another 30 minutes to complete. Wow, after all that there never seems to be enough time for the actual dancing portion of the evening! That is why most brides choose to make their event last 5 or even 6 or more hours. They allow plenty of time for the FUN part! The getting on that floor and having some REAL fun part of the event. A real party with their friends and loved ones. We happen to think that is the best part of all. The FUN part of your wedding reception. We hope these ideas we have shared with you here help you to decide the best length for your reception!